Yes! Enchiladas!

This has evolved to become more of a casserole than traditional rolled up enchiladas. It tastes the same and is a lot quicker to assemble.

Contributor: John Elder

6-8 people

2 large cans mild enchilada sauce
4 cups shredded Mexican cheese mix
1 yellow onion, minced
2 lbs ground beef, cooked
1-2 packages corn tortillas


•  Pour half a can of enchilada sauce in a pie place or shallow bowl.

•  Dip enchiladas in bowl of sauce to cover and lay them in the bottom of a 9”X13” pyrex pan. The goal is to have one layer of corn tortilla cover the bottom of the pan.  I usually keep a few whole and lay them in the middle, then slice a few and place the flat sides toward the perimeter of the pan.

• Once the bottom of the pan is covered, spoon the cooked ground beef on top of the tortillias, then spoon onion over. The amount of onion used depends on personal taste, but about half to 3/4 of an medium onion is probably enough.
•  Next sprinkle half the cheese to cover the pan.
•  Spoon about half the remaining enchilada sauce over the cheese so it’s even.
•  Then, dip the remaining tortillas in sauce and place them on the pan, covering what’s been assembled so far.
•  Finally, sprinkle the remaining cheese on top followed by the rest of the enchilada sauce.


•  Casey likes to serve this with Spanish rice and peas. John adds refried beans. A nice, simple salad with some avocado goes well too.


John’s mom used to cook this when he was a child but John has evolved it to be a bit more healthy (no more deep fried tortillas!).


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