Guacamole – Charlestown Beach Style

If you have visited us in Rhode Island any of the 18 summers we have been there for vacation, you would have enjoyed this incredible guacamole with us.  If not, either come next year or try it here!

Contributor: John Elder

The secret to guacamole is lots of cilantro and fresh lime juice. Ripe avocados are mandatory – don’t bother if they aren’t quite soft to the touch. It also helps to be less than 50 yards from the beach in the summer, gin & tonic in hand.

•  4-6 ripe avocados
•  1 ripe red tomato (save some for garnish)
•  1/2 yellow onion (preferably vidalia or other sweet variety)(save some for garnish)
•  1 bunch cilantro (save some for garnish)
•  1+ fresh limes
•  Sea Salt
•  Fresh Ground Pepper

•  Cut avocados in half, separate and remove pits. The easy way to get the pit out is to hack at it with a sharp knife so it¹s wedged in there, and twist until the pit comes out easily.
•  Scoop the flesh out with a spoon into a mixing bowl with a flat bottom.
•  Cut a lime into quarters and squeeze the lime juice into the bowl.
•  Add salt and pepper to taste and mash until fairly smooth.
• Taste at this point to make sure it’s got enough lime flavor and add more if it needs it.

•  Chop half of the onion into chunks that aren’t too small.
•  Cut the whole tomato into similar size chunks.
• Cut the leaves off of the cilantro. You can just chop downward with the knife while holding the bunch of
cilantro up. It’s ok if there are some stems because next you are going to chop the leaves.

• Add all of the onion, most of the tomato (depends on how much avocado is in the bowl. You want a little more tomato than onion.
•  And add all of the cilantro.
•  Mix gently with a spoon.
•  Taste once more to make sure you still have enough lime flavor, as well as salt and pepper.
•  Garnish with left over ingredients.
•  Enjoy.  And, remember that gin & tonic!

John Elder created this recipe on his own and perfected over 17 years of summer vacation on the beach in Rhode Island.



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