Summertime Pasta Pomodoro

This is a light and fresh recipe that is very easy to make.  It goes well with a chicken or steak side. And, it is perfect on a summer night.

Contributor: Heather Elder

Serves 6-10 people

•  20 ripe plum tomatoes
•  Bunch of basil
•  Garlic – to taste (I like a hand full of peeled garlic)
•  Olive Oil -to coat the base of the pan
•  Grated cheese (parmesan or reggiano work well)
•  Angel Hair pasta – one box

•  Cut the plum tomatoes in quarters – be sure to cut off the stem end.
•  Chop up garlic (I prefer in a mini cuisinart so that it is very small)
•  Chop up basil, but be sure to save some for garnish.
•  Coat the skillet (or large pot) with olive oil.
•  Add garlic and basil and let fry.  Do not let the garlic brown.
•  Add tomatoes to the oil, garlic and basil.
•  Cook until soft and juices are evident.

•  Meanwhile, boil water and cook box of angel hair pasta.  Pay attention so as to not over cook it. Al dente is best – remember it will continue cooking some even once you remove

•  Drain pasta when it is done and add some olive oil – not too much, just enough to thinly coat the pasta.
•  Add the tomatoes – pay attention to the juices and only add as much as you like.  Note though that the juices add flavor.
•  Garnish with basil and cheese
• Be sure to serve with cheese

Heather is not sure she ever read a recipe for this.  She just made it up as she went along. No one seems to mind.



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