Grilled English Peas

I discovered these on a trip to LA at a restaurant called Tar and Roses. These are delicious and easy to make.  You eat them like edamame.

Contributor:  Heather Elder


•  As many English Peas as you would like to eat
•  Olive oil (enough to lightly cover the peas
•  Mint (to taste)
•  Sea Salt (to taste)


•  Wash the peas.  No need to remove stems.
•  Lightly cover with olive oil
•  Add sea salt to taste
•  Add chopped mint
•  Mix together in a bowl until covered enough to grill
•  Put on a grill pan and grill with cover closed.  Grill until the peas are slightly charred.


•  Serve warm or cold, but best warm.
•  Add more salt to taste
•  Eat as you would edamame.  Do not eat the shells, only the peas.  You will taste the mint and salt since you put the whole pea in your mouth to remove the inside peas.

Discovered at Tar and Roses in LA.


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