Best Quiche Ever

I came across this recipe years ago when I was an avid Real Simple reader. The idea behind the original recipe was that you could create one quiche with 4 different ingredients (for the varying tastes of each family member). But this recipe is so good, we end up making one whole quiche for the different tastes of each family member! It has become not only a staple in my household, but every time I make it for guests, the response is always off the charts. And it is SO EASY. Pair it with a nice mixed green salad for an easy weeknight dinner or serve it for brunch. Enjoy!

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Thin, Crisp, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

This feels a little like giving away a trade secret – these cookies are my Kerri Bars. I have never liked ‘cakey’ cookies, even the classic TollHouse recipe is too much for me. I literally think I Googled the descriptive words of what I wanted in a cookie and found this recipe and it has been my go-to recipe ever since. One of the ways this recipe differs from others is NO EGGS. The other difference is really low heat. Enjoy!

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Pasta Tossed With Spring Vegetables

This is a super easy dish – great as a main or as a side, any combination of spring vegetables would work – and any pasta too. I just happen to be in love with The Pasta Shop’s ravioli (available at Bi-Rite and Bryan’s and I’m sure elsewhere). Would also be nice with fresh ricotta mixed in at end instead of parmesan.

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